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Being a CRE Broker is hard.
Enaia makes it easier.

Brokers are the most critical stakeholder in CRE and deserve better technology than spreadsheets and bulky CRMs.  

Enaia’s mission is to make CRE brokers better and more valuable to your clients.

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“I pretty much always have this up on my computer.”
Senior Vice President, CBRE
"I'm confident I would have made more money if I was using this"
Executive Vice President, Handler Realty Group

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Ditch the spreadsheets

Stay on top of your prospecting and deal management like never before and work collaboratively with trusted brokers you work with to be smarter, close more deals and expand your market share.

Personal & Collaborative

Designed for working privately or when deals and accounts involve uniquely assembled teams (even when you partner with brokers that don’t work at your company).


You no longer have to fear your most sensitive information being compromised. Enaia is designed for dynamic teams, not “all or nothing” sharing. You control who you partner and share information with.

| Cre brokers only
One platform for prospecting and deal management, for you and your team

Enaia focuses only on what matters so that you do too.

Real time collaboration

Manage your business with anybody you transact with, on a single platform

Career portability

One product for your entire career, even if you change affiliations

Reimagining broker tech

Access any file, anywhere and always be attached to your business

| The goal
Collaborate like never before

How many brokers does the average broker work with throughout their career? A lot.

Enaia brings brokers together while respecting your data privacy. Partner, share and collaborate when you need to. No more data silos.

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| Enaia's mission |
Elevating CRE Brokers

CRE brokers play a pivotal role in CRE, yet modern technologies treat them as an afterthought.
The reality is that brokers are the lifeblood of the industry.

Enaia believes CRE brokers are the most important stakeholder in CRE.

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