Brokers are the most important stakeholder in commercial real estate

Brokers are the most important stakeholders in commercial real estate.

Enaia is transforming commercial real estate by elevating brokers.

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Less than 3% of CRE brokers use the technology their brokerages provide to them.

CRE brokers have been left behind by legacy technologies. Brokers are stuck painfully entering data multiple times into various spreadsheets, products and clunky CRMs that aren’t designed for their unique workflow - where collaboration and privacy coexist. Even worse, modern technology products take broker data and offer little in return. As a result, deal management becomes chaotic, effective team collaboration seems impossible, and files are misplaced and hard to find.

Brokers need their Iphone moment.

Our CRM and insights platform empowers brokers to find and organize prospecting data and manage deals in seconds. With our technology, brokers can safely collaborate with select teams, strategize with broker partners, and store data for their entire career - no matter where they work. Enaia makes deal management, prospecting, and team collaboration easier and more effective, ultimately helping them close more deals.

We’re transforming commercial real estate by serving the unique needs and demands of brokers, making them more successful and elevating their role within CRE - and we’re just getting started.

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David Young, Founder & CEO
Brokers are the CRE industry’s most important stakeholder, performing the strategic, hands-on work that gets deals done for their clients. Without them, the industry doesn’t function, yet there’s a misconception that “Brokers will never use technology unless their clients make them.” Together, we are building technology that meets their demands, makes them more valuable to their clients and transforms the CRE industry in the process. David Young, Founder & CEO

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